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So one brother is gonna get the girl, the other is probably going to get the cure. 


Is Papa Forbes doing what I think he’s doing?

Anyone here seen Daybreakers? Where they literally…burn the vampire out of Edward Dalton?

Damon and Stefan: A Ying and Yang

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So I have this huge theory on how Damon is fighting the good in him and how Stefan is fighting the bad in him, and how secretly each one wishes they could be like the other and they’re basically a ying and yang and they constantly interchange depending on how the other one is acting.

If you guys are interested.

Team Badass

Ok, I’m sure a lot of you picked up on this, but I’m going to point it out anyway.

Damon was obviously making amends with people before he died. “Letting go” of them so to speak. Or making it easier for them to let him go. For Elena, it was apologizing for forcing his blood on her.

But did you see how he tried to do it with Ric? When Alaric showed up, Damon immediately began telling him how it was his fault Jenna died, his fault Isobel died, basically listing all the reasons Alaric should hate his guts. He WANTED him to hate him. Damon probably figured it would be easier for both of them to let go if he did.

But Alaric DIDN’T. He REFUSED to. He sat there with Damon, basically forgave him for fucking everything, protected him when Liz showed up, gave him alcohol…

I know all of us are excited about Damon and Elena right now, and how Elena will forgive Damon for everything, but THIS. DID YOU SEE THIS? DAMON INTENTIONALLY TRIED TO MAKE ALARIC HATE HIM AND ALARIC WON’T.

And that is why Damon/Alaric is the fucking OTP of the show right now.

I just want to clear up one common misconception: John did NOT give Elena his soul

You can live without your soul guys. You’d just be an empty shell, not you. Haven’t you read Harry Potter or seen Supernatural?

John gave Elena his LIFE FORCE, in order to sustain her soul. If he’d given her his soul, it’d be John living in Elena’s body.

They said the difference between a vampire and a human is that vampires have no souls, and they didn’t want Elena to be a vampire. So basically what they did is, the tied John’s life to hers, so when Elena’s life died out, she started taking it away from John. The whole goal of this little stunt was to have Elena KEEP her soul, not have it replaced. They wanted her alive.

I’ve been seeing people say John gave Elena his soul a lot, and I wanted to clear that up.

What if, to cure a werewolf bite, you have to drink the blood of a hybrid?

I really feel like, when Elijah told Elena that there was a way to keep the doppelgänger alive, I don’t think he was just referring to doing a Katherine and running, or even turning. 

I have a feeling Elijah will die to stop Klaus.


So, there are a lot of reasons for Damon’s break down that I WOULD go into, if I wanted to write all night for you guys~ Haha. But I thought I’d tell you my theory on the immediate reasons for his breakdown.

First of all: his fight with Stefan. It ended with Stefan telling Damon he’ll never have Elena’s respect. I think this is something that’s worried Damon all the way from the beginning. He KNOWS he’ll never be his brother, and Elena respects Stefan a lot. I can see where Damon might think Elena never would respect him, what with him having that past (and sometimes present) of being a murderous, self-serving asshole. So you can see where Damon might have these doubts, and Stefan pointing it out didn’t make it any better for him.

(Just a random side note. I think Elena does respect Damon. But in a different way than Stefan. I thinks she respects Stefan as someone who will always try to do the right thing and who will always help out, but respects Damon as someone who doesn’t give a fuck what people think as long as the people he loves are safe and as someone who goes out to get what he wants. But since Damon is so messed in the head, and Stefan is the “good” guy, he only sees the kind of respect Elena has for Stefan as real respect and doesn’t recognize the type she has for him).

Second of all, if you’ll all recall, it took Elena 13 episodes to even ASK for Damon’s trust, 14 episodes to actually trust him, and 21 episodes for Damon to trust her in return.

And then here comes Elijah, and Elena’s completely ready to shove that trust Damon had to practically beg for right to him, simply for the fact that he “gave his word” while Damon had to PROVE himself. And Damon probably thinks Elijah’s done much worse than he has, which is probably true.

I think that’s where the “You can all go to hell,” came from. He asked Elena at least twice if she was seriously trusting Elijah. So here are Elijah and Stefan, who both managed to earn her trust within a day each, and here’s Damon, who probably thinks he’s STILL working for it. And which he is. Their relationship is never stable.

So those are the two things I believe triggered Damon’s breakdown. Of course there’s all this underlying stuff, but I bet you guys have that figured out.

changyy replied to your post: So you know how Julie Plec said that in the season finale, Damon will be looking for Elena to ask for her forgiveness and throughout the whole thing he’ll be having flashbacks of 1864? And the fact that Tyler is back? As I Lay Dying What if it’s Damon dying? What if he’s the one who is dying? If Tyler bites him and Damon realizes that he’s going to die, he goes after Elena to fix everything and apologize for everything before he does? And the werewolf bite sends him into hallucinations, i.e. the flashbacks? And people are saying that they kiss, what if in all the sadness and grief Elena finally realizes she loves Damon too? Oh My God

I read somewhere that Damon might die and become human. It’s plausible, right?

I’m not sure if he would become human, but we don’t know what the bite does, as Rose was put out of her misery. But, I know that EVERYTHING on this show happens for a reason, and Rose’s death was definitely for something. Thing is, if this is the cliffhanger, I know for sure I won’t be able to last until September.

Synopsis for 2x21.

"With the arrival of the full moon, Elena tries to prepare for whatever Klaus has planned and Tyler faces his second transformation. The terrifying events quickly spin out of control, despite an unexpected act of courage. Finally, Damon admits the truth to Stefan about a terrible new development they must face.”

I’m really trying to dissect this as much as I can. The terrifying events - meaning the transformation? Possibly.  Despite an unexpected act of courage - all of the characters are full of courage, but the one person that came to my head first was Matt, then Caroline. With Caroline, it wouldn’t be unexpected though. But with Matt, it would be as he’s human. I bet I’m so far off the mark, but ah well.

"Let me be clear about something. I will always choose you."

Does anyone else see this as foreboding for the finale? Because I have a gut feeling that it will come down to choosing between Elena and someone else important to Damon, maybe Katherine (if she’s not already dead/Klaus isn’t torturing her for the next 300+ years), Stefan - maybe. But I don’t know if they’d do that. 

Just a theory.

Does anyone else think in ‘The Sun Also Rises’, that Tyler’s transformation won’t be as safe as his first? We know that the next few episodes are filmed over one night (‘The Last Day’, ‘The Sun Also Rises’ and of course ‘As I Lay Dying’) and it is a full moon. Meaning if Tyler does come back anyway, he may bring Jules or even more wolves, which are all going to shift because of the moon. 

What if Tyler bites Caroline? Or Matt, or Stefan, or Damon? 

Is anyone else freaking out over this?

2x21 title is ‘The Sun Also Rises’.

What do I think?

'The Sun Also Rises', means that it's in Damon, Elena and Stefan's favour. That things will seem to be going their way. Sun, it's supposed to be warm and happy and it sends all the darkness away. The light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. It means that everything will seem a little brighter, and a little nicer. 

'As I Lay Dying', means that the tables will turn and Klaus will be winning.

Seeing that gif of Damon taking an arrow for Elena. 

What if he does that in the finale, okay, it won’t be an arrow, but what if that’s what he does to try and save her. He puts himself in the way of whatever’s coming her way. 

It’d be an instant reflex. He doesn’t even think about it.