She lost her brother

I can’t live without her.


it’s so like damon to not say a word about being tortured for five years. all because he didn’t want anyone’s sympathy or stefan to feel guilty. and yet stefan made damon feel like shit for not finding him in a box underwater for a summer after he said he was leaving town. ok

Whenever you go too far, I will be there to pull you back. Every second, every day, till you don’t need me; because right now, you’re all I got.

tvd meme: 7 flashbacks (2/7)

Mystic Falls/Virginia, 1912


Holding Stefan’s hand, Damon said: “I care only for your life, not them.

- (The Vampire Diaries, Nightfall)

Anon requested: Defan in 3x08.

If you burn down the house, it’ll be gone. What if one day, when this is all over, you want to come home again?I won’t.

This summer I have consumed an immeasurable amount of blood. and I have found myself getting stronger and stronger everyday - and I started to wonder .. what are the limits to my powers, how many people can I influence? Two? Ten? An entire town square?