NOTE TO SELF: Do not listen to Prelude: The Atlas March while looking at gifsets of Damon and Elena. Just don’t do it. 

I had a dream last night and Elijah was in it, I don’t know what we were doing. First we followed like a really pasty guy in a long coat that - surprise! - turned out to be a vampire who like lived with his friends in the underground/subway/metro system and I’m pretty sure we had to sign them up for something to do with the town like to keep track of all the vampires ANYWAY, we go back to this little cottage in the middle of nowhere and there are a lot of other people maybe outlaws or rebels or whatever and this really old song came on the radio and me and Elijah moved the dining tables and chairs out of the way and started to dance. I don’t know, that’s possibly the nicest TO/TVD universe dream I’ve had. 

It sounds silly but it was cuuuuuuuute. 

I know Ian signed up for 6 seasons but on his IMDB page it says The Vampire Diaries: 2009 - 2014 and I swear on everything I love if that is true I am gonna paint the world red. 

I haven’t been around for a while, and I’m sorry about that. Life is kind of picking up. I’m taking driving lessons (still terrified to go over 40) and I have a few things to look forward to in the next few months that could finally put me on the path to my chosen career. I feel content, which I haven’t been in many years.

When I started watching The Vampire Diaries I was seventeen. I’m now twenty one. It arrived during a very, very rough time in my life but I found myself connecting with Damon ‘Bad Boy’ Salvatore - we’d been through similar things (granted, I wasn’t an revenge-thirsty, bloodsucking vampire hellbent on making my sibling’s life hell, but I did feel like it at times) - and I found myself feeling sympathy towards him. 

As the world of Mystic Falls grew, so did my love for this show. I made friends with Lauren (those of you who have been with us from the beginning will remember her, she is such a darling and I thank her for giving me something for me to focus my energy on, it was really needed) and we created this little blog. We started to post our theories and our thoughts and things snowballed from there. I found a group of people interested in what I had to say, people who wanted to ask for my opinions and help. I found myself growing and learning from my experiences, just as Damon grew and learned and found himself within Elena. I found myself within you guys. 

And although I haven’t been around in a while and have neglected watching the show that held onto my coat-tails and pulled me back from the edge, I’m not unhappy. I have made many, many friends through Mystic Falls, (and you know who you are) some I hope will become life-long partners-in-crime. I could not have asked for anything better. I adore Damon and Elena, Matt and Jeremy, Tyler and Bonnie. I adore this little world Julie created. And even though I’m growing up and changing, I will never, ever forget why this show means so much to me. 

The reason I am writing this is because I want you guys to know why I might be absent from time to time. I won’t be gone forever, because this is essentially my home. I just hope you will understand those periods of time when I am away.

The Vampire Diaries has helped me find myself and I will forever be grateful for that. 

Maddie X

Is it bad I was more upset over Nadia’s death than Katherine going to Hell? (Or, wherever it was she flew off to.)

I’m so gutted that Claire Holt has decided to leave The Originals, like I’m super glad that she gets to go on and further her career but at the same time she was one of the main reasons why I adored the show and I’d much rather watch an hour of her than an hour of Klaus fucking shit up. I don’t know what Julie plans on doing. It’s a pretty lame show about the ‘Originals’ if only 2/8 remain. Don’t get me wrong, I love the setting, I love the whole idea but I hate Klaus with the passion of a thousand dying suns and I’d really rather not watch a show about how wounded he is when he’s a psychotic asshole with no redeemable qualities. 

I’m sorry for my ranting tonight guys. It’s one of those times where I just wanna jump through the screen, grab my favs by the shoulders and steer them away from horrible story lines. It’s like yes, come here I’ll give you a nice cup of tea. Oh, do you want a blanket, that’s okay I have one spare. That’s it, settle down on the sofa and I’ll grab us some ice cream. 

Okay, so I’ve settled down a little bit. But I am still very pissed with the whole Elena/Katherine thing (like WHERE THE HELL IS ELENA AND HOW HASN’T ANYONE NOTICED YET??) and now of course Damon is a cannibalistic ripper? Matt is off with Nadia, Tyler is like the only one left in Mystic Falls, there’s a cute new witch, Stefan is trying to save Damon although he literally just told him to piss off and never come back and Caroline is now showing her feelings for Stefan even though she got freaky in the woods with Klaus, just broke up with Tyler and had a little thing for Jesse. I mean, maybe it’s just me but I always thought Caroline was more than just her love interests.

Is it bad that I can’t watch the two latest episodes of VD because I can’t stand these story lines? Like, I always thought that Katherine wasn’t the type of girl who would want a mundane life in college, hanging around with Elena’s two best friends? And where did her love or whatever for Stefan reemerge, I thought she was still in love with Elijah? And why is Damon going down the S1 route again? I understand that Enzo isn’t exactly a healthy influence but I thought he was mentally much stronger than he was in the Pilot season. 

I dunno. This whole Katherine in Elena’s body has really upset me I think. I don’t understand how you can have your main character absent from the show for this long? 

You know, I actually don’t mind Caroline and Klaus together that much. The only thing that grinds my gears is how Caroline has to tell everyone and their grandmother that Damon is a bastard every time the subject comes up. Then proceeds to ignore all of the bad stuff Klaus has done. That’s the only thing that annoys me. I wish the writers would lay off a little cause it feels like Caroline’s character development takes five steps forward, ten steps back.

Are there any blogs out there that just post The Originals? I am in need. (I just wanna absorb anything and everything TO cause it does funny things to my heart).

Aside from the Damon story line, Matt and Elena bonding with Aaron (don’t forget DE), I think I’m really starting to wonder about this show. It’s the writing, not the characters and that’s a shame, oh & not forgetting the plot holes and inconsistent characters. I don’t know how I feel at the minute. It’s silly because I know I won’t quit this stupid show, it’s been such a big part of my life for so long and I’ve met some very, very wonderful people. I think I just need to sit down and watch the rest of the season and then go from there. Sigh. Someone hug me. 

Wow, damons story line just got a whole lot interesting. why do the writers insisting on caroline mentioning she’s anti-delena almost every episode?! do you think its because damon will somehow save her at the end of the season and she’ll look at him with less “hate”?

I’m super excited to see where this goes. As much as I hate any kind of torture on the show (and hell, do the writers love torture) it’s interesting to see how this new found information and story line develops. As for Caroline, damn. I am so, so disappointed. She was one of my all time favourite characters but now, with all the anti-DE, it’s just frustrating. I know that she’s had a tough time and Damon hasn’t always been the most supportive of her but you’d think she’d at least give Elena some credit and respect her friend’s choices. I hope something happens that makes Caroline realise that hey, some people (even if they were absolute buttholes before) CAN change! 

And I suppose the reason it angers me so much is that she’s always been a Saint Stefan supporter and it’s just that, not once, really, has ANYONE ever acknowledged on this show that he is actually a very, very destructive person. It’s a problematic thing for me because we are constantly reminded of Damon’s mishaps but it’s like we are reminded at every opportunity that Stefan ‘never scared Elena, never hurt Elena, and was always in control’, which is the biggest crock of bs I’ve ever heard.

Okay, okay. So I’m tired as heck but I just…cannot even…Damon was tortured. Not even tortured, he was torn apart and you wonder why he is the way he is. Granted he has done things that have been inexcusable but damn, son.

Damon’s brother murdered their father, he made him feed on a human girl’s throat so as to turn him into a vampire (all cause Stefan didn’t want to be lonely). Damon waited a century to free the love of his human life only to find out she never loved him and ‘it was always going to be Stefan’, who has been tortured countless times, bitten by a werewolf TWICE, has been used as a pin cushion and had his neck twisted every which way, who has watched the love of his unlife come back from the dead, he’s had to watch the girl he loves love his brother. He watched Andie die all because of Stefan. Oh, remember when he put Rose out of her misery even though it hurt hum. He has nearly died every single season (S1: burning house, S2: werewolf venom, S3: evil Alaric, S4: werewolf venom) His best friend was turned into a raging lunatic (who, yep, also died). 

Like, yeah. I get that you don’t like him. I get that he’s flawed. I get that people are entitled to their own opinions but please. Please understand that Damon, like every character on this show, has gone through SERIOUS SHIT. Being tortured alone is enough to send anyone over the edge. The fact that he’s still sane is a god damn miracle. 

Can anyone tell me if Tyler is supposed to be hopping it over to New Orleans? I have a deep, deep adoration for the original Mystic Falls gang, so if Julie thinks she can make Tyler into Klaus’ lapdog (or worse, if she decides to kill him off) I will be so upset. For once can’t we have a little happiness?