but can we please take a moment to talk about this for a second..


look at her. this is katherine facing danger for the first time. she is no longer a vampire, meaning she doesn’t have the vampire strength, nor speed to escape or use to have an advantage over the ‘enemy’.


oh and lookie here. it’s the new charrie nadia who’s pointing the gun at katherine (most likely i guess). just a prediction tbh.


sCREAMS COS KAT. PRESH KAT </333 bbgurl.









Just gonna slow clap it out. Detective skills, baby. 

I'm confused. Who's Elena in the s5 posters? The one fully clothed or the one who's wearing the red skirt thing? Hmmm.

I think this is the hot topic of discussion at the moment. I want to say that Elena is the one in the red, but I could completely wrong.

Does anyone have any theories or insight?

imagelauralia answered your question: Do I recap the episode now, or have we all almost…

Katherine took the cure - can she actually just to back into a vampire again?! Or does the cure prevent that? Confused if she can - wasted!

I don’t know if she can, this whole cure storyline makes me want to go find the nearest bottle of vodka. 

Though for Kat to turn back into a vampire, she’d need to die with vamp blood in her system (again) and go through the whole transformation again. There’s not a single vampire in MF willing to do that for her, so I think she’s going to be stuck human for a while.

Which is gonna be interesting ;-)

destinedtofly: I’m just not comprehending what’s going on with this doppelganger business anymore.

And here’s where the mystery of me comes full circle. I created the immortality spell 2,000 years ago. I can never die, so nature needed to find a balance, and version of me that could die. A shadow self. A doppelgänger . -4x23

The curse was bound by the sacrifice of Petrova blood. Witches are crafty with their spells. The doppelgänger  was created as a way to be able to undo the spell. Once a doppelgänger  reappeared, the curse could be broken. -2x09

I’m trying to think of a way I can try and explain this without confusing everyone even more. Personally, I think the mythology that gets involved in this story is the most difficult for everyone to comprehend just because there’s so much lore to try and understand. 

Doppelganger’s are created to be able to undo a curse. With Esther’s spell that she used to turn her children into vampires, she used the blood of Tatia. It was the blood of her doppelgangers (Katerina and Elena) that could ultimately break that curse/create the hybrids/whatever it was, I get a little fuzzy on those specifics…

In the same manner, when Silas created the spell to become immortal, there needed to be a way to break that spell, which would be the blood of his doppelganger, Stefan. 

caramelcorretto: Maybe you could write about Elena’s speech, i.e. “worst choice she’ll ever make”? Because I didn’t like that :/

You would rather die than be human, and you expect me to be okay with that?  

[ I didn’t say you were supposed to be okay with that. I just said that I’m not sorry, but you know what I really am? Selfish. Because I make bad choices that hurt you. Yes I’d rather die than be human, I’d rather die right now than spend a handful of years with you only to lose you when I’m too old and sick and miserable and you’re still you. I’d rather die right now than  spend my last few years remembering how good I had it, and how happy I was because that’s who I am Elena and I’m not going to change, and there’s no apology in the world that encompasses all the reasons that I’m wrong for you.]

Fine. Then I’m not sorry either. I’m not sorry that I met you, I’m not sorry knowing you has made me question everything, that in death that you’re the one that made me feel most alive. You’ve been a terrible person, you’ve made all the wrong choices and of all the choices I have made this will be worst one, but I am not sorry that I’m in love with you.

I can already tell, every time I re-watch this speech, I’m going to get emotional. Ugh. Anyway…

When Elena says “of all the choices I have made this will be the worst one”, she’s not really saying that she’s going to live to regret loving Damon and that she’s making a mistake loving Damon. 

The way I interpret this speech is that Elena isn’t oblivious to Damon’s flaws; she knows what a horrible person Damon is, and that’s a good thing. Damon Salvatore is a vampire. He’s not meant to be character of moral, and Elena seeing that now means that she accepts him for who he is, for who they are.

Damon says he makes bad choices that hurt her, which is where I think the “worst choice I’ll make” comes from. She knows that being with Damon things aren’t going to be perfect, that he’s an emotional person and reacts on that emotion and that will occasionally hurt her, but she’s accepting that.

She’s accepting that because she loves him.

(I really hope this makes sense)

I just had an idea. 4x22 synopsis says that some ghosts will reappear, some with good intentions and some bent on revenge. What if Jeremy comes back, out for blood, and thinks that Elena is Katherine. Jeremy hasn’t seen Elena without her humanity and if he sees Elena chowing down on some jugular he’s going to think that’s Katherine. 

What if the only way for Elena to see the damage she’s doing, is for Jeremy to come back, even for a moment? 

A part of me wants Elena to be her own salvation or at least to have some part of her family (Jenna/Alaric/Jeremy) reel her back from the edge. As much as I love the Salvatore brothers, I don’t just want this show to become about them, and Elena’s love for them and vice versa. It’s very important to show the audience that Elena doesn’t need a man in her life to bring her happiness and I suppose that’s one thing about this season that really disappoints me. I adore Delena, I always will adore Delena and I am so happy I could cry over the journey and the small moments that they’ve shared together but there’s a part of me that really wanted to see what Elena was like on her own. We don’t know who she is without a man by her side - remember we met her in one episode and BAM it was almost as if she was with Stefan by the next. She was with Matt before her parents died, and we know what she was like then, but a person changes when they are in a relationship to make it so their life and their partners life works TOGETHER. Elena hasn’t had the time to stand alone on her own two feet. 

I just really want this show to take itself in another direction. I know it’s all about the love triangle, I get that. But I think the writers need to show some diversity and let Elena be her own person for a small while and with her humanity on. 

I am very pro-family with this show and, although we’ve seen how well the Salvatore brothers can work together, and how the Original siblings are there for one another, we haven’t seen how one sibling can SAVE the other without doing it for their own intentions. We have to admit, the amount of times Damon has saved Stefan, and Stefan has saved Damon, 99% of the time it boils down to they either owed one another, or they couldn’t live without the other, or they were doing it for another reason. There are always hidden intentions. 

For once, I want Elena’s family to fight for her, even if they are dead. I want them to show HER how important she is and how much they care for her. 

I don’t know where I’m going with this, but I’m just having very, very intense Gilbert feels. 


I’ve been speculating about the possibility of Damon turning human since the mid-season and my belief just increased. Here a small list of clues about Damon becoming human:

  • Stefan dreaming about human!Damon and Elena together. (2x04)
  • “Because I’m not human and I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world.” (2x12) 
  • “You should have met me in 1864. You would have liked me.” (2x22)
  • His reaction when he found out about the cure. (4x05)
  • He talks about Christmas as a kid with Stefan and he says “I kinda miss it”. (4x09)
  • Damon telling Elena how much he doesn’t want to turn human when she proposes. (4x13)
  • Elena throwing Jeremy’s ring to Damon. (4x15)
  • It’s actually happens in the books.

Now that we established how possible Damon becoming human is, we can talk about my kinda crazy theory.

Last week, before 4x17 was released, I wrote a post about the possibility of Elena forcing Damon to take the cure. After watching 4x17 and 4x18, I see it as not that crazy anymore.

At first, I thought possible Elena giving Damon the cure out of desperation like 2x20. It’d be a nice parallel, especially because Plec and Co are going down the role reversal road with Delena. Elena making the wrong decision to save Damon (like Damon is dying as vampire and the only way for him to survive is becoming human) as Damon made the wrong decision to force feed Elena. But after the final scene of 4x18, I believe it’ll be come from cruelty like JNSI.

Elena told the boys:

“You know I don’t want the cure. You need to know that I never will and I’m done talking about it, so you can accept that and let me be who I am or not. (…) It’s now and you two really need to accept it cause if you don’t there will be consequences.”

Then she snaps the neck of the waitress. First of all, this is the first killing Elena makes with her humanity off. Technically her first big screw up with her humanity off, but let’s be real: you don’t really screw up in TVD if you didn’t hurt the person you love. It happened to Damon (2x01 and 2x20), so you can fuck believe it’ll happen to Elena. Elena will screw up big time and Damon will be the victim.

I mean, this seems orchestrated: Damon tells Elena specifically he doesn’t want to take the cure, then Elena shuts off her emotions and, as consequence of her actions, Damon wants to bring her back by making her take the cure. Now Elena proclaimed if they don’t stop trying to fix her, there will be problems for them. Next episode, Elena will be cruel to everyone because she’s pissed off and things will get worse.

I can see how Elena, as a way of lashing out, she forces Damon to take the cure. It’d be the “perfect” revenge for trying to fix her when she said she didn’t want to. She wouldn’t force onto Stefan because she knows he wants to become human, so the vengeance facade wouldn’t exist because he craved it in the first place, but Damon though. Damon is the perfect victim.

Elena forcing Damon to become human will be her JNSI (kinda ironic after her warning that could be foreshadowing of Damon turning human she snapped the neck of the waitress). Delena in role reversal again. Elena did the unforgivable (as Damon did when he killed her brother in front of her) and Damon needing to learn how to get pass that and forgive her. Damon will be wearing Elena’s shoes. He’s always the one who needs to be forgiven, but now he’s the one who needs to forgive the woman he loves so fucking much. I mean, Damon held a grudge for Stefan forcing him to turn for more than a century, how is he going to forgive Elena from turning him human when he told her he didn’t want that? Can you feel the angst like I do right now? Season 05 would be Elena’s redemption arc like Season 02 was Damon’s.

People need to realize Elena is in a terrible place right now, just like Damon in S01. She didn’t cross the line yet (JNSI), but she will and that’s when she’ll get her wake-up call and come back from that place like happened to Damon.

Also, we need to consider the fact Damon turning human means the switch off command will be nullified and she’ll have her emotions forced on her. So, not just dealing with her grief, she’ll have to deal with Damon becoming human because of her and all the bad stuff she did when she had her emotions off. Knowing Damon needs her because he’s human now, she’ll fight for him. This is an amazing set up for S05 and another way to delay Delena of getting together. We’ll see Elena in love with Damon from far away (hey maybe we’ll get our Elena version of 2x08), Damon trying to forgive her and deal with his new situation. Oh God, so many problems! I want this now. And I’ll probably write more about it later J  

Will Damon Make the Ultimate Sacrifice for Elena? - But Damon, determined to get the mystical fix-it for Elena, may lead himself directly into a literal dead end — as the following exclusive February sweeps poster for the CW series suggests. “Give him enough rope…,” it reads, and… he’ll hang himself to save the girl he loves?! After all, the elder Salvatore is so in love that despite not wanting Elena to take the cure, he’s going after it simply because “it’s really what she wants,” Will that journey end with a sacrifice when Damon has a bloody run-in with a hunter in 4x15?


Okay so here is a current master post on all the foreshadowing of Damon’s death. It’ll probably be edited here and there and people can feel free to add shit as they want.

* Again, Damon’s death has not been confirmed, but seeing how season 2 heavily foreshadowed Damon getting bit by a werewolf and season 3 heavily foreshadowed Elena’s death, this speculation may not be that far off the mark.

* And also. Common sense: Damon is not going to stay dead.

— 4x02: “The worst day of loving someone is the day you lose them.” When Elena said, “The worst day”, the camera shifted to the congregation for a moment and Damon is sitting a bit isolated from the group and he is the ONLY person who is wearing all black:


4x02: “I should be long gone by now.” Damon was in a graveyard talking to his deceased friend.

4x02: “In the end, when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only thing you have left is a hole in your life where that somebody you cared about used to be.”

4x03: Damon talks to Stefan about leaving again.

4x05: “Now you’re dead.” Elena to Damon while straddling him to the bed.

4x06: “Get me a stake and I’ll kill Damon right now.” said by Jeremy.

4x06: “At least you still have Damon.”

4x06: “And when he kills me for telling you this, I want you to throw my ashes over Wickery Bridge.”

4x07: “I’m still here.” said as if he might not always be there.

4x07: “My brother wants to kill me.” & “Join the club.”

4x08: The dead crow in the jar at the witch’s shop: The crow has represented Damon since season 1. And in the books, I believe Damon could always turn into a crow. Someone pointed out that this is probably not a crow because there is white on its beak.


Jeremy’s Holy Card: It has two crows on either side of him, and as we all know, Jeremy is now a vampire hunter. And also, as said before, “Get me a stake and I’ll kill Damon right now.”

imageDamon’s Holy Card: Has two swords pointing to the heart hanging above his head on the top and then what looks like two crossed stakes, swords or some other weapon on the bottom. Stefan and Elena’s cards do not have this. If you want to read more theories on the cards, that’s here.


In every season finale so far, Damon has had close contact with death.

That’s all I can think of for now. Thanks to everyone for your input. :)

4x07, My Brother’s Keeper recap:

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I’ve watched the episode. I’ve even gone and had dinner, have a bowl of ice cream right now and I’m debating how much wine I have left in the fridge.

And I’m still trying to get my thoughts straight on this whole crap about a sire bond. 

Everyone is angry here, everyone is angry at my personal. Everyone’s still really worked up about it, and it’s been over 24 hours since the episode aired. 

Whatever happens over the course of this storyline, it doesn’t change the base feelings that Elena has for Damon, and he for her. These feelings started when she was human, there is plenty of scenes that I can think of off the top of my head where they got close and intimate and she was still human. 

We all know that being a vampire magnifies and intesifies who you are and what you feel. We’ve seen it in Damon. We’ve seen it in Stefan. We’ve seen it in Caroline. 

This…this does not change what Damon and Elena feel for each other. 

Has Elena become some mindless being that obeys what Damon says? Fuck no. There’s been a number of posts already that list the number of things Damon asks/tells her to do since she became a vampire, that she didn’t listen to. She hasn’t lost her senses or her willpower at all. 

All episode, Caroline has built Stefan and Stefan & Elena’s relationship up while pushing Damon and Elena’s feelings for Damon down. She doesn’t want her friend with Damon, and in her viewpoint that is completely understandable. She has completely legitimate reasons why she shouldn’t like or trust Damon. But at the same time, she’s not stopping to think about how much Elena changed. 

Caroline changed, why can’t Elena? Why is it that they think that Elena must not be in her right state of mind? Why can’t Elena like Damon for the Damon she sees? Why can’t she have these feelings for Damon without them being made into something trivial?

Stefan wants to “fix” Elena, implying something is broken. Caroline thinks there’s something wrong with Elena. They’ve put Elena on this pedestal. 

Caroline and Stefan, they’re making excuses for what’s happening and right now, I’m calling bullshit, until I have more proof on the show that Elena is under this control. I’m not believing it.

I was just coming to address these quotes, and my thoughts on them anon, so you have wonderful timing.

A great deal of these quotes features “blood” as a theme, but in this case I don’t believe blood means literal blood, but rather family. 

Damon - Blood is Guilt. In 1860 when he and Stefan were killed, they were left in a world where vampires were being routinely hunted down and killed, and ultimately he left his brother when Stefan first became The Ripper. He can see his brother struggling to balance these urges and find a medium between his Saint!Stefan and Ripper!Stefan personas. Plus, Damon has major daddy issues that have resonated in one hundred and fifty odd years. Family is Guilt.

Elena - Bound by Blood. Elena and Jeremy only have each other. Uncle John, Aunt Jenna, their parents, Alaric, they’ve lost their whole family. And they’re still in high school. Jeremy stated in 4x01 that he “wanted his sister, not another one of them”. She’s always tried to do what’s right for the Gilbert family, and now that she’s lost a big part of her identity and has to figure out how to deal with this new life, she’s going to struggle against the family obligations. Bound by Family.

Klaus - Blood is Power. THE MAN KEPT HIS ENTIRE FAMILY STUCK IN UNDEAD LIMBO FOR CENTURIES. He manipulates Rebekah into getting what he wants. The scene where Rebekah cracks in 401, after Klaus left her with the hunters after rescuing Caroline; she’s given so much for her brother, stood up for him and defended him against their whole family and he shows no thanks for it and treats her like she’s nothing. Family is Power.

Elijah - Blood is Forever. Elijah has polar opposite views of his brother. His family is important to him, and where he and Klaus wanted to be in a position where they could reunite their family, Elijah wanted his family back, because they were his family. Family is Forever.

Jeremy - Blood is Destiny. Like Elena, he has his obligations to the family name, especially now that they’re alone. Creepy Pastor Young made the comment to Elena that her parents were big advocates for a “back up plan”. Jeremy has front row insight into the ever-expanding supernatural underground of Mystic Falls. Hybrids, Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts. In season one, he became invested in his family’s history. Maybe those old writings open his mind to his parents ways of thinking, and the Council’s viewpoints instead of the supernatural’s. Family is Destiny.

Then there’s the other comments, the ones where blood/family don’t feature as much, but are still telling of their story lines.

Stefan - From Honor Comes Salvation. Stefan is an addict. His ripper days are brutal, his past is dark. He feels guilt-ridden over his girlfriend’s transformation. He’s going to (try and) find salvation in the honor he’s giving Elena. He won’t pressure her to feed from human blood, he’s going to advocate the bunny diet. He might be reluctant to show her the more darker side of the vampire lifestyle, to try find salvation for his past.

Caroline - Love is Sacrifice. In so much of what Caroline does, it’s to protect the ones she loves. Tyler, Matt, her mother, her friends. She wants to see them safe against what threatens them, and right now that threat is the Originals and whatever new big bad evil will eventually show up this season. Her sacrifice this season is to protect them, and that could mean walking away from Tyler. It could mean walking away from everyone. 

Rebekah - Betrayal’s Kiss is Deadly. Bex holds grudges. Her brother betrayed her by picking someone else over her. He made her feel like nothing and worthless, and she’s not going to let that slide. I’d hide from the warpath that Rebekah creates.

Matt - Wounds to Wisdom. I think the majority of tumblr (or at least what I’ve read) understand this motto with Matt. The wounds he sustained in 401, the wounds he might sustain in the future; he’s always been slightly blinded by the vampire world and he’s hurt Caroline in the process - but now both his exes are vampires (his sister was a vampire) and this is going to lead him to a new understanding of this world. This could be a good thing, or it could be a horribly bad thing for them.

Bonnie - Deliver us From Evil. "And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil…" Save us from Evil. Bonnie is battling between the good magic and the bad magic, using power she’s been warned against. She might have to save her self from the evil powers this season.

Tyler - Love Possesses Me. Love is a strong word, it’s a strong concept. It can make people do a lot of things. If Caroline is in danger this season, if she’s going to sacrifice herself for the people that she loves, Tyler’s going to act in retaliation for that. He’s not going to let her go without a fight.


Carina Mackenzie was on TVD set yesterday. According to this, the filming of some big pageant in Mystic Falls has already started and the cast and crew spent the entire day yesterday shooting in the Lockwood mansion. 

Again, according to Carina, there was a lot of extras in high heels. Also, Ian (Damon, actually) was wearing a suit (picture). So, the event can be compared to Miss Mystic Falls pageant (but I suggest we don’t get our hopes up on this, it could be something new as well).

This spoiler says that the filming continues today.

We know that the filming of 4.03 was finished in the middle of August and every episode takes about 10-14 days to shoot, so right now they must be filming 4.06 (maybe 4.07).

Apart from this, we know that Stefan and Bonnie are not there. As Carina tweeted, Paul and Kat weren’t on set because they were busy with something (Torrey was supposed to go with Paul, so no Meredith at the pageant).

Yesterday Paul’s new interview was released. I think it’s relevant to the episode the crew is filming now. Paul said: “That’s not gonna last, the whole she chose Stefan. The circumstances are obviously different now and um, you know, she’s definitely I think moving on. We don’t know where, but she’s gonna move on. (btw, that interview proved my point from this post).

Also, we know for sure that Nina was on set because Carina interviewed her.

Conclusion: Damon and Elena are at the pageant, Elena is moving on from Stefan, Stefan’s not there. I think we can say it’s good news.

Okay. Michael Trevino said that you kind of know whose going to go a few episodes before they do. So what if Matt’s  'I'm a little pissed you didn't let me take down Original Number Two' was a hint of what’s to come?

I mean, thinking logically, both Tyler and Caroline are up to their necks in hot water with The Council. Elena is in trouble, what with her connection to Alaric and everything else that’s going on and Matt is brave enough to put himself between danger and the people that he loves. 

The only thing that seems to make me think he MIGHT live is the fact that he is one of the only humans left and someone who has been Elena’s rock throughout everything that’s happened to her. Would they really kill him off so soon after Alaric?

I’m really sorry I keep talking about Matt but he is one of the few characters I hold very, very close to my heart and I can’t physically stand the idea of losing him tonight.

That new Elena poster makes me think that the writers are a lot more sneaky than we originally pegged them for. So, they bring in this character called Rose. She has a title episode - not that she was even in the episode much (note: only Katerina, Isobel and Klaus have had episodes named after them — also, see a pattern there? I have a theory about that), she was brought in to essentially die in a way that evolved Damon’s character. She was brought back and told Jeremy that wonderful thing about him either being the best or the worst thing for Elena and also, convenient that Scary Mary turned Rose but was killed before they could find out who turned her? 

Now here are my theories: 

1. The rose signifies what Rose said about Damon and that tagline “a future blooms” could be a future with a different Salvatore.

2. It’s a reference to her new life as a vampire (I’m not keen on this theory). The rose is fading in colour closer to her face, but by her lips it is red — this could be a sign of blood or blood lust. It’s red, which is also the colour of passion. It symbolises love and beauty. Religiously speaking it is a symbol of the Virgin Mary. 

3. It’s not just any flower. It’s a ROSE. There is a character called ROSE. That’s not a mistake. 

4. Rose, Katherine and Isobel are all from the same bloodline and that bloodline is Klaus. If Klaus is linked to Katherine then Klaus is linked to Damon and Stefan. 

I believe the writers have been dropping hints to us from the beginning of Season Two. Why would they name the episodes after certain characters and not others? There’s no ‘Elijah’ episode and he was an important character in S2. Think about it. What could they have in common other than all being vampires?