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Because in the end, when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only thing that you have left is a h o l e in your life where that somebody that you cared about used to be.

I will make it back to you..

season six will be the story of their journey back to each other as they explore the duality of good versus evil inside themselves on their quest to reclaim their home.
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"Make sure you say your goodbyes."

Yes, he is. We’ve got our two new bros [Alaric and Enzo], the potential points of the Damon love triangle. [Laughs]
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Both Michael Malarkey and Matt Davis are comfirmed as series regulars for s6 


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And now Alaric is alive. But Damon isn’t.

So once again they’re separated. One of them is dead, one is alive. Only now the places have been reversed.



you guys we didn’t just lose damon and bonnie, we also lost the grill and the camaro

this makes me more upset than it should

r.i.p. mystic grill

r.i.p. damon’s camaro


Hey! I’m  s o r r y , okay? I’ve got two  m i s s i n g  doppelgangers. I’ve got a Traveler that wants to  r i d  our town of  m a g i c . And I’ve got the friendly banker Mr. Sykes in the coat closet. So his  e s c a p e  from the Netherworld is going to have to wait until  t o m o r r o w !


So, I’ve been rewatching TVD from S1 as of late and it’s SO OBVIOUS from the very beginning of the series Kevin Williamson was planning this HUGE SUPERNATURAL WAR to take place in Mystic Falls with Elena as the unifier— I mean back in S1 we got TONS of homages to Damon being in the army, Damon with his intriguing S1 conservative battle-lines mentality frantically warning Stefan (in the scene where he bit Bonnie) that one day “they’ll all see! these people can’t be trusted! you’ll see what happens in this town when they find OUT ABOUT US! (supernaturals)”. The desperate need Damon had to keep the vampires undercover and infiltrate the council - so easy to tie into his Augustine torturing.

And then in S2-3 we got the introduction of the wolves and the planting of Tyler as the future leader - the really touching and well-written convincing of Mrs Lockwood by Tyler to covertly convert to the supernatural cause after she was scheming with Bill Forbes to kill Caroline (and then Tyler said, “you don’t know what I am - do you” and took her to the cellar where horrified and redeemed, she sided with him). Bill told Carol on the phone, “our families have been doing this for hundreds of years, Carol, you married into it so maybe you don’t understand” — but she became a supernatural ally and rebel right there.

And we also got a TON of interesting Stefan/Damon moments where Damon challenged Stefan’s supposed moral righteousness, saying “i’ll be the bad guy and at the end of the day i’ll be the one to keep her alive while you’re worrying about collateral damage”. Damon’s kill first, ask questions later mentality was also NECESSARY but you could see the eventual mediation and cooperation of both Stefan and Damon’s methods was needed. How Elena could help achieve that where Katherine decided to strip it apart. I love how Damon clearly LOVED Elena but the romance between them was STRICTLY untouched on and Damon found humanity THROUGH Elena’s influence with his relationships with people like Rose.

On top of that you got Caroline and Tyler’s species-crossing friendship and connection and a TON of emphasis from Stefan/Caroline/Tyler that old prejudices (vamp/wolf war) don’t have to exist anymore in the faces of Jules/Matt/Damon who held onto old grudges (“those are some leftover ideas from another time”). We eventually found out from Elijah the Sun and Moon curse was a huge fraud used to artificially create havoc - solidifying the Originals’ notorious and “evil” place in history.

Then we got Bill (who could have been clearly and probably was supposed to be linked to the Augustine Society in S5) spouting off how he has been involved in vampire re-education for decades. How he wanted to “save” Caroline — and how this was juxtaposed to to Klaus’ (the dead king’s) interest in her and acceptance of her as a beautiful supernatural wonder, as perfect as she was, as someone who DESERVED the world, who deserved to do better than him, who was GOOD. Notice how Klaus’ lines and Bill’s lines were eerily similar? When Bill died he told Caroline, “you’re strong, you’re good" and in almost the next episode Klaus mirrored those lines with his famous, "you’re beautiful, you’re strong, you’re full of light" - countering her father’s criticisms of her and aligning their similarities even further.

I always think of Caroline’s bold assertion to Klaus that, “I don’t want to die” was a direct assault to her father’s insistence that he DIE before becoming a vampire— Caroline was choosing Klaus and what he represented over her father (“please don’t leave me”). She was, like Klaus said, “free”. Also, Klaus without knowing it taught her how to let her father go like Caroline taught Klaus how to see things more clearly when she snapped, “I get it, your father didn’t love you so you think no one else will either - but that’s not how it works.” Those two moments were TOTALLY connected.

AND! We got Bonnie’s cousin — the one who helped Katherine in the episode where she was linked to Elena (Kat had the straight hair and red lipstick) — vow to Bonnie that she would “see her around” with a knowing smile. Bonnie was struggling with the concept of witches being in the crux of “abomination of nature” vampire business and her cousin said, “you’re one of the good ones — that’s exactly where you have to be”. IT’S SO OBVIOUS THEY WERE PLANNING ON BRINGING OUT MORE OF THE COVEN through this interaction the cousin had with Bonnie, and the loyalty she felt towards Bonnie. How Bonnie would play a huge role in this upcoming war— how Bonnie would have to decide if the witch prejudice against vamps was just. How BONNIE HAD TO COME TO ACCEPT AND LOVE CAROLINE AS A VAMPIRE and eventually did — how all the characters would have to defeat prejudice in the face of their ancestors.

And in S3 we got the introduction of Klaus who specifically used terminology relating to a “great war” and a “master race” and how “it’s easy to be loyal when you’re on the winning side” and how obviously the introduction of the Original Family would be crucial to a mass extermination of vampires. How Stefan specifically was given the line in the 20s calling Klaus a “king” which led to Klaus’ obsessive and destructive desire for their friendship. How Rebekah fell for Matt in spite of Kol’s elitist snipes — how Klaus fell head over heels for Caroline, the only one who seemed to shatter his delusions and make him realize he doesn’t deserve the title of “king” if he doesn’t earn it.

AND THEN.. here is the kicker. KW left at the end of S3 and then it seems JP jacked all of his ideas for a massive supernatural war in Mystic Falls and used it for a half-arsed supernatural war in NOLA with afterthought-character Hayley as the center of a new triangle.

It’s just something I noticed being planted all throughout the series and then I came to realize… wow.

They stole that whole concept for the spinoff from TVD’s original plotline, which is why S4 seemed totally derailed and purposeless.

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