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We can finally enjoy every kiss they had this season. 
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“He kind of just changed my life.”

I found the translations for those posters. Interesting stuff:

Caroline: “Amor est immolare” means “Love is sacrifice.”

Klaus:  Sanguis potestas est,” means “Blood is power.” 

Rebekah: Osculum proditione mortiferum est.” means “Betrayal’s kiss is deadly.”

Bonnie: Libera nos a mano,” means “Deliver us from evil.”

Elijah: Sanguis est in aeternum” means “Blood is forever.” 

Matt: “Vulnera sapientia.” (a rough translation) means “Wounding wisdom,”

Spoilers: 4.02 “Memorial”


  1. Following the events of the premiere, Bonnie (Kat Graham) remains a wreck throughout this entire episode.
  2. Elena and [Spoiler] commit an unspeakable act — in a church. 
  3. Matt (Zach Roerig) and Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) bromance grows to adorable new heights. 
  4. Caroline (Candice Accola) is, yet again, caught doing the walk of shame. That girl… 
  5. There’s a plethora of cuteness between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena as he prepares her for what’s ahead. 
  6. Elena also *ahem* bonds with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) under similar circumstances. 
  7. The gang takes a moment to mourn the dead — many of whom Damon was responsible for. 
  8. Just when you thought you couldn’t love Tyler (Michael Trevino) any more, he does something that makes you appreciate just how much he’s grown since season one. (Remember? He was, as Alaric would say, such a dick.) 
  9. There’s one particular Elena scene that will gross you out — unless you have a really sick sense of humor, in which case you might find yourself giggling at it. 
  10. Two couples get hot and heavy. I’ll say no more. 
  11. There’s something big happening to Jeremy. I’d elaborate, but I’m not sure I fully understand it myself. 
  12. Something happens during the episode’s final minute and a half that will induce squeals of girlish delight from fans.

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Spoiler Round-Up: Damon and Elena in season 4


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Insider.com: Given Elena’s new status, does the fourth season of Vampire Diaries feel refreshed as well?
Nina: It does feel a little different. This season is more character driven. We’re going deep into everyone’s storylines – there will still be a lot of action, but I feel like last season was too action driven and so shock driven that you started to not care about the characters. Or if you did, there wasn’t enough time to feel what they were feeling because something else would happen and your attention would be pulled somewhere else. This season, we’re focusing back in on the characters and grounding it back into reality. Without holding on to your humanity, why would anyone care about these characters?

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Insider.com: You’ve been vocal about wanting to explore Elena outside of her relationships with Stefan and Damon. Does this new storyline allow for that?
Nina: Not really. Not yet, at least. She is leaning on both of the boys, and all her friends, in a big way for support. Everyone helps her in different areas, but she’s not very independent in the first part of the season. I think that’ll come, but we’re not there yet.

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Insider.com: You obviously have experiencing playing a vampire, but is it odd to be exploring the transition aspect of that journey now?
Nina: It is definitely a challenge to act like it’s the first time for everything. Elena is experiencing all these things for the first time, whereas I’ve played Katherine a lot, so that’s been interesting.

Insider.com: Were you excited by the idea of Elena turning, or did you need convincing?
Nina: I’m definitely mourning Elena’s humanity a bit because, selfishly, I liked the variety of playing these completely different characters. Obviously they’re still different because Elena is still Elena in almost every single way, but there are definite changes. She’s going in a different direction with the way she acts and what she does — I think people will be surprised by the shift.

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Insider.com: I’d also imagine the role Stefan played in her transition alters their relationship as well?
Nina: There is a definite shift that makes it, in a lot of ways, very much like the triangle we saw in season one. But it’s very different because, yes, the boys are still arguing and having differing opinions over how she should lead her newly vamped life. But while their arguments remain the same, her perspective is very different now that she’s a vampire.

Insider.com: What are you excited for fans to see this season?
Nina: I’m excited for fans to eventually see how Elena does start changing. She’s been needing to loosen up and she’s going to, which will be fun for the fans to see – and fun for me to shoot!

With her grief magnified, Elena won’t handle her new vamp state very well, says executive producer Julie Plec. But she won’t be questioning her decision to pick Stefan even as Damon’s compulsion wears off. Still, the regained knowledge – his confession of love, that she met him before his brother – will “imbed itself in her brain a little bit.” Vamp/hybrid couple Caroline and Tyler will have to deal with Klaus’ “mistaken identity hijinks” – don’t fret, he won’t be taking residence in his siree’s body for long – and the arrival of Hayley (The Secret Circle’s Phoebe Tonkin), a friend of Tyler’s “who’s been very important to him in the past.” Another fresh face coming to the show: Grace Phipps’ Mystic Falls returnee April, who shares a history with Jeremy and Elena and has no idea what has become of her hometown. “But of course, as most new, innocent, beautiful young women that enter our show do, [she] gets very caught up in it very quickly,” adds Plec. As if all of that weren’t enough, Bonnie will suffer some “witch consequences” from her decision to help Klaus, and a new, powerful vampire hunter with an agenda (played by Todd Williams) shows up in town… Look for a pivotal-ish death during November sweeps, as well as the return of a familiar face.



NEW - season 4

WHY are they in Church?! WHY?!

Because maybe it’s a memorial for someone who dies in 4.01. If this is a still for 4.02, indeed.

I bet the Pastor fucks shut up. Is that Matt next to Elena? 




NEW - season 4

WHY are they in Church?! WHY?!

Because maybe it’s a memorial for someone who dies in 4.01. If this is a still for 4.02, indeed.

I bet the Pastor fucks shut up. Is that Matt next to Elena? 


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