kaylaismyseaotter said: alot of people were put off by the whole pregnancy thing though. what did you think about that?

Honestly, I’m not usually into that kinda thing but it wasn’t vampire/vampire procreation so I’m interested to see what happens to Hayley and the baby. I’m interested to see what the writers do and where they go with that particular storyline. Will the witches use it as a ploy against Klaus? I’d like to see that. BUT that would require him being emotionally attached to either Hayley or the baby which, as far as we’ve seen, he’s totally not. 

Really, though, what I want this to be about, is changing Klaus. Every character needs development, and maybe I’m biased or blind, but I still see Klaus as the same man who waltzed into Mystic Falls in 2x17, Know Thy Enemy. I want him to grow, I want him to see through clear, focused eyes that being The Big Bad Monster will not win him love or adoration from anyone. I really hope Marcel shows him what it is to be a true leader, a true King because that is who Klaus should be. He needs to learn that people will not do you any favours if they fear you, and compelling them does not cover the fact that their loyalty is false. 

I find that Marcel is much more intimidating and mysterious playing the Good Guy role than Klaus ever was being the Big Bad. 


We’re smiling but we’re close to tears.

I am so ready for Elijah to come back and just pick Klaus up, dust him off and just give him the biggest you-little-shit glare because really

I would rather meet Klaus in a dark alley than Evilaric. I mean, really, Klaus is scary and all but Alaric is just down right insane.


“Let’s say I do leave her here, under your protection. What then? How long before one of you turns her into a vampire? Or worse. How long before she dies, caught between your feuding? You see, each one of you truly believes that you’re the one that can protect her. And that is simply a delusion. Gentlemen, the worst thing for Elena Gilbert is the two of you.”

Extended Promo for 3x20 | Do Not Go Gentle


Delena being cockblocked, season 3

I just remembered a dream I had last night. 

Klaus set fire to a room Caroline was in and compelled her to stay still. It was horrible. 

Having a character like Caroline in this show is so hard because a part of me is shipping her and Klaus like there’s no tomorrow and another part of me is like, wait, what about Tyler? And then there’s this smaller, quieter voice that’s reminding me about Matt and Caroline and I just can’t. 

I should have killed you months ago.

Kol is literally Klaus’ mischievousness and Elijah’s sexy smushed together.

Which is kind of like that PC World advert. Do-do-doo PC World: the best of both worlds.