yep i freaked out when i saw the diary burn!


Do you guys understand what that last scene was? What that last shot was? Can you even comprehend it? The diary burned. Elena Gilbert’s entire life, and everything she’s been through since the beginning of this show in 2009, was written in that diary. It’s why this show is even called The Vampire Diaries in the first place. And what just happened? She burned it. She lit a match and burned down her entire house, and her entire past with it, including her dead brother’s rotting body lying on the couch. Every picture, every memory, every soul of every family member she’s ever lost, just… burned. Gone.

I’m still in shock. I have never in my life watched a show since the very first episode, and watched its growth go so far as to eventually erase the main character’s entire past and all the family she’s ever had. We’ve watched this girl since the very first episode, this beautiful, kind soul living in a world where her parents just died, as she tried her hardest to deal with that pain and moving on from it. And now look at her. She’s not even human anymore. She’s a vampire, she’s lost everything and everyone. The Elena Gilbert from the pilot is gone. Did you notice the shot of her house burning down, that they showed a pair of Converse burning too? Do you even know what that represents? The Elena Gilbert that we were first introduced to was just a normal teenager who wrote in her diary and always wore a cute leather jacket and Converse to school. And in that last scene they showed the shoe burning, right before showing the diary. And I cannot even grasp it. This is a lot to deal with. I’ve never witnessed such a turning point for a television show before. This is extremely hard to deal with and I am so consumed with so many different feelings. I am devastated.


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I would but I’m pretty sure it would take hours because I’d be sobbing throughout all of it. His reaction when he walks in and doesn’t hear her beating heart is going to be heart-wrenching.

I can imagine him just screaming at everyone to get out, like, we haven’t seen Damon truly angry before. Once he’s alone, oh my god, I can just see him walking over to Elena and having to steady himself because that’s the girl he loves, that’s the girl that saved him, that’s his reason for living and she’s dead. Then he’d trail his hand just above her skin so he’s not actually touching her, and his palm would linger over her now-still heart and he’d just stare at it, like, if he concentrated enough maybe he could restart it himself, or maybe he could turn back time but nothing happens. It’s completely silent.

He’s even forgotten how to breathe.

His shoulders sag, his façade falls, his eyes begin to blur. He doesn’t stop the tears from falling. What’s the point? He thinks. A part of him wants to tear out of the morgue and drive far, far away. But where would he go? He realises then, that he has no one else. His best friend is dead, the love of his life is dead. It’s just him and his brother. Again. History repeating. He chokes a laugh, which turns into a sob. Elena is dead. 

"I should have been there," he says, "you shouldn’t have died alone." 

He bites his lip and tastes blood. His chin trembles. He tries to swallow the cry that’s rising in his throat. Damon closes his eyes and exhales. He’s tired. He wants to lie down and sleep. He’d sleep forever if he could. He wants to. When his eyes open again he feels his heart sink. Elena is still dead. 

He leans forward over the cool table she’s lying on. He bites back distaste. She shouldn’t be here. She shouldn’t be cold and alone and dead. He was supposed to die. That was the plan, wasn’t it? The vampires were supposed to die, leaving Elena to have a long and happy life. Instead, it’s the other way around. 

"I’m so, so sorry.” He whispers.

He brings his head down and presses his lips to her forehead. Her skin is cold - yet another reminder that he will never hear her laugh again, or see her smile, he will never hear her heart beat again. 

He turns and walks towards the door, three words burning his tongue like acid. I love you. He brings one hand down his face before pulling the mask back on and pushing his way through the door. 

She knows, he thinks, she knows.

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Question: Anything else you can share about this week’s Vampire Diaries? It looks epic. —Brad
Ausiello: Klaus compels Stefan to completely shut off his emotions, thus paving the way for him to become an official baddie. That’s one of, like, four big twists in the episode, so fasten your seat…

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