"Besides, the more i have to think about, the less time i have to miss Bonnie"

Bonnie Bennett meme:
- B: “I know where I stand, Elena. And I know where you stand. But where do we stand?”

The Vampire Diaries 5x01 “I Know What You Did Last Summer” Stills

This is how it feels when you take your life back.


ES4AW Day 2: Best friendship moment

4x08: I got laid, let’s get drunk!

Apparently, when Elena resolves three seasons of sexual tension, she wants to celebrate by getting fucked up with her ladies. I feel you, girl. I feel you.


Elena S4 Appreciation Week

Day 2 - Best Friendship Moment (Bonnie and Elena in 4x22)

This was a challenging theme to choose a scene for, because Elena’s been isolated from her friends for most of the season, but so has Bonnie. And that’s why I chose this scene in 4x22 instead of one of the “happier” friendship scenes. Because Elena and Bonnie have had parallel arcs this season that rarely converged, but created opportunities for them to understand the other. While Elena dealt with a seeming loss of agency with becoming a vampire and the sire bond, Bonnie was dealing with Shane’s hypnosis and later Silas’ influence. They went through all of this in isolation and losing Jeremy was a catalyst for both of them to become completely severed, with Elena turning it off and Bonnie under the control of Silas.

This scene is so beautiful in the unspoken understanding. Elena wants to apologize for all the horrible things she’s done to Bonnie, but she can’t find the words, because how can you apologize for trying to kill your best friend because she’s a link to your humanity? But Bonnie stops her, because yes, Elena has been horrible to her, but she also knows what it’s like to lose sense of yourself. To do terrible things you can’t take back. All you can do is slowly heal and talk about it in time. And sadly, they don’t get the time to talk about it later, because hours later Bonnie dies in the basement of Mystic Falls High trying to do exactly what she’s been trying to do all along: bring Jeremy back to life. Because sometimes you don’t get to talk through problems. Sometimes there is not enough time and things get cut short. But for a moment they have this understanding and forgiveness and connection over losing themselves and regaining that control. And I hope that in season 5 they can continue to build from this, from this sense of understanding and loss, as a friendship torn apart and strengthened and forged by war and death.

I can’t believe it.  We’re actually all here.

and love-lost believers.

“This isn’t how our lives were supposed to be”