You know what? No. I don’t want a new romance for Damon [x]. It’s not because of Elena. What I want is for Damon to be his own man for a little while. I want him to sit back and say ‘screw it’. I am sick to death seeing him with all these women because to others it sees like he’s just fooling around and doesn’t care about Elena. We all know that’s a pile of horse shit but whatever.

I don’t want it to always be about romance with Damon. I want him to explore other things. He doesn’t need a woman to sleep with just yet. Hell, he just had Rebekah! I know, I know, he deserves some happiness, he needs to let out his sexual frustration so on and so forth, but what just, I don’t know, angers me is that it is ALWAYS Damon getting the new love interest or fuck buddy.

There are other characters on this show that deserve a love interest. Matt for one, Jeremy and Bonnie (I would like to see her with Jamie, actually) all deserve happiness too. Matt hasn’t ‘dipped the wick’ since Caroline. The poor, poor boy needs to let off steam.